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In 1948, if a kid sent in their proofs of purchase from their favorite chocolate milk powder, they received an official Agent 236: Secret Society Book. The booklet offered up such "secret" information as the Agent 236 Golden Rules, the official code breaking manual, and so forth.

Of course, Agent 236 greeted each Junior Secret Agent personally. After, this was serious business.

Although the Agent 236 Credo was, "Truth, integrity, and justice", he also offered a set of golden rules for each kid to live by. He asked that they study hard in school, get plenty of exercise, get a good night's sleep, and be a loyal listener. 

Each booklet offered a plethora of advertisements for such innocent novelties as joy buzzers, x-ray spectacles, a "life size giant monster", and a hidden book safe. What kid didn't want to save up their allowance for such fun?

But wait, there was more! The fun didn't end with the official book. Each junior agent got their own badge! These fetch quite the price on the collectibles market. However, we have a few that we can share. They are metal!

Each junior agent not only received a badge, but an ID card.

...and of course, the decoder wheel.

Of course, not all merchandise is vintage. As part of the effort to relaunch the Agent 236 property, we have developed our own. Some of these items are available to those who contribute to the film's complete funds.

We have the official Agent 236 Spy Glasses, trading cards, and toy pinball game!

And yes, that is a video game prototype. A FREE video game for those who contribute to the film's completion funds. Stay tuned for more information!. 

Remember, it's just a prototype, and it was built by the film's director, Mark Ross!

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