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On these pages you'll find behind the scenes photos and videos of the last six years of my life. I worked diligently, and tenaciously to build an alternate version of the United States in 1948. Creating a retro sci-fi/fantasy world is no small task. I spent weeks/months/years visiting thrift shops, craft stores, Harbor Freight, dollar stores. My eBay account shows countless unusual purchases including a World War II life raft, a 1952 air force parachute, and numerous bizarre electronic components

Watch behind the scenes videos in order to see how the magic was made. See videos of Captain Reynolds in action, and meet actor who portrayed him, Stephen Manley. Additionally, we pull back the curtain and show how our visual fx wizards build virtual sets, as well as showing I built the custom car cockpit for Agent 236. See how Gunther, the Phantom Shadow's henchman was brought to life by a very elaborate prosthetic. Watch how visual fx and virtual sets were assembled to create the interiors of Hammond Castle. Lastly, meet Gas Pump Girl, our pinup girl portrayed by Sadie Alexandru.



See photos of our hero, Agent 236, in action. Get a closer look at Agent 236's high performance crime fighting car. See the inside of Agent 236's crime fighting lab, his inner sanctum. Lastly, take a peek inside the corridors of Hammond Castle, the Phantom Shadow's top secret hideout. 

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